The Best Medicine

Gotta close my eyes, gonna go to sleep
Gonna drift away, put me under deep
Gotta shut the door, gonna lock the gate,
Gonna seal the cave, let me hibernate,
Sometimes just a little rest is the best medicine.

Gonna dig a hole, gonna plant a tree, Just a little goal, nothing dogging me
Gonna make no plans, just intend to veg, Maybe stake some land far from the cutting edge
Sometimes just a little walk is the best medicine, the best medicine
Sometimes just a breath of air is the best medicine.

Say what you want and think what you want, we all do what we’re gonna do anyway
Leave me alone, I’m happy at home, I’ll come out to play another day.
Though I’m mildly awake, brother give me a break, Just as long as it takes to recuperate
Never said I’d resign, but I do need some time to unwind.

There’s a whole wide world that can go ahead
While it leaves me cold, snuggled warm in bed
And philosophies however grandiose, Sink me to my knees, nearly comatose
Sometimes just a little smile is the best medicine, the best medicine
Sometimes even anger is the best medicine

So do what you want and say what you will
The world’s gonna turn its way anyway
Some trends can’t be bucked, though I won’t say we’re stuck
But sometimes it’s just best to fight another day.
Often just a step away is the best medicine, the best medicine,
Sometimes just a bit of distance is the best medicine.

Gonna watch the race from a bleacher seat, leave the frantic pace to those swift of feet
Gonna finish up, make it short and sweet, Gonna tie loose ends, don’t expect it neat
Sometimes just a little closure is the best medicine, the best medicine
Just regain my own composure, it’s the best medicine.

(c) Scott Calamar

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