Is It The Big One?

Is this the Big One, Is it the real thing?
Is this the real one, Is it the Right thing
Is it the turn of the century yet?
Will we survive? Is this the Big One, Just feel my heart beat...
Cracks grow to fractures, Rapture in the street,
Haven't we learned from our history yet?
Doesn't take long before people forget
Playing with Nature's own chemistry set,
We will survive.

Could have been the next big one
Dumb enough to have known
That the future's behind us
Program you out of my phone.
Say a big truck's coming
Gonna take you away,
Though events may be numbing
It's the price that I pay.

Is it the Big One, it's not an earthquake...
When you're around me why do my knees shake?
Although we make like it's all for the best,
Do you have time to take one more request?
When do you bring out the mystery guest?
It's no surprise.

Living on the fault line
It's all it's cracked up to be
Basking in the aftermath
Just another casualty.
Leave us scarred and reactive
Creviced deep to the core
You make it seem so attractive
I always come back for more.

It's not the Big One, merely a warning
Making the earth move deep in the morning
Never a clue when the next one is due
Always be smack on the fault line with you
Taking the risk to admire the view
Sometimes ya lose.

You can give if you're able
A particular spin
Pardon me if I'm stable
You make it seem like a sin
Hard to hear what your heart says
Something more than a glitch
I will think of you always
When I'm feeling that itch.

Is this the Big One, Is it the real thing?
Is this the REAL one, Is it the Right thing
Is it the end of the century yet?
We will survive.

(c) Scott Calamar

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