Bitter Wind

Look up, is it lightning?
Take cover, a bit frightening
Something is falling from the sky tonight
Don’t be scared of your shadow, ‘cause it’s aimed just right
Just sit tight and say goodnight.

The markets are crashing
The smart ones done their cashing
Do you remember what they said about this time?
Look in the mirror and obliterate your crimes
No one’s straight as an arrow as you.

I can’t assure you that the world’s going south but
Even my dinner has its foot in its mouth
Wooly mammoth might be thawed for meat.
I won’t convince you that the world’s gone to pot but
Even my greenhouse doesn’t get half this hot
Global warming beats the price of heat.

Go back to the future, the past is the future.
We have felt this wind before
We won’t fight this war anymore
We’re safe as a sparrow on the wing

The power is failing; economics are flailing
There’s no one to blame but our silly old selves
Get on your cell phone and dial out for help,
It’s sweet as the marrow so far away.

(c) Scott Calamar

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