You Can't Even Say You Tried

How many love songs to you have been wasted?
How many hours spent in vain?
I offered you love, a lasting relationship
But you like to dwell on the pain

I thought that at least we had a good friendship
I guess that I shouldn’t have been so sure
So I’ll take all out letters and unopened dreams,
And put them in a seldom-used drawer.

You make me wonder, you’re so erratic
Your friendly smile just disappears
The light of love in your eyes sometimes flickers
Leaving me second-guessing your tears.

So as the sun sets on our friendship
I find that the love you once held is gone
But I feel inside myself that something is missing
I guess that you still turn me on.

You keep me wondering, you drive me crazy
I can’t read your moods, I can’t read your mind
You lead me on, but then leave me waiting
How can you be so unkind?

I can’t face the world without you near me,
I feel this emptiness inside
But you turn your back when I need you the most,
You can’t even say you tried
You can’t even say you tried
You can’t even say you tried.

(c) Scott Calamar

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