It's time to escape from the roller coaster,
Toss me round with its up and its downs
Can't live in limbo again and again
So the promise must come to an end.
Your words suddenly lose their meaning
Like bubbles drifting in a shifting wind
It's your actions that speak every night of the week
What I'm left with at each evening's end.

Cinderella's slipper could get caught in my zipper
Another piece of my heart,
Oh my darling is it always the same way?
Collision course from the start
Don't need no charity,
All I need is clarity

Underneath the swirling cloud cover
I've seen the promised land but I have touched the sun
It's the friends that you keep when you drift off to sleep
And the candles burn down to be done.

Act like a lady, and get treated in that way,
Act like a brat and you're treated like that.
Always a catch, validation the hard way
Now tell me what you think of that.
Can't give no charity
All we need is clarity.

Our love-
Becomes just an illusion
Hoops of fire I'll no longer jump through
On another full moon and the ring for your finger
And the impasse we finally came to.

Oh no, my my, you made me crazy baby,
We knew it rght from the start
Go go, bye bye, I'm gonna miss you baby.
Bring back thet piece of my heart
In surreality, all we need is clarity
Won't give no charity
All I need is clarity.
Don't need no charity
All I need is clarity.

(c) Scott Calamar

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