My Dear Sweet Michele

I wish on a star, to be where you are
To smell your perfume, to stroll in the moon
And its silvery light, in the shivering night
A walk round the park, a kiss in the dark.

I picture you here, my dark-haired sweet dear
Some time seem so real, I want so to feel you
So what can I do to get close to you,
I’m under your spell, my dear sweet Michele

This can’t be a sin, seems so innocent,              
So slow and correct, love the way we connect
So what can I do, to be here with you,
I guess time will tell, my dear sweet Michele.

I wish on a star, so close yet so far
As precious as gold, I just want to hold you
So what can I say, should I just go away
And wish you farewell?
My dear sweet Michele.

(c) Scott Calamar

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