Beyond the Debris

Got a hunch what you say is true,
Should have known a long long time ago
There's so much that we can do,
But first we've gotta figure which direction we're going.

You and me and the way things are going,
Can't you see that I'm doing my best
Set it free and your motives are showing,
Do you agree it's a test,
Trying to be unimpressed.

Gotta hunch what you've done to me,
Can't be undone in just a minute's time,
Never said I could guarantee,
It would be an easy climb.

I was wondering what you were thinking
And you were wondering about me.
If we open up the skies could open up,
Tell me if you don't agree,
Is there life out beyond the debris?

Tell me if you feel the need,
We are only here for a short while,
If it's right I'll do the deed,
Maybe even flash you a smile.

Paint a picture of expectation,
Toned in shades on ennui,
All it takes is determination
Trying my best to foresee,
If there's life out beyond the debris. Somewhere, beyond the debris,
I know you're somewhere beyond the debris.

(c) Scott Calamar

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