Dig Your Own Grave

It took much effort to be nice to you
And in the end I got screwed, as if something were new
Accused of things I took pains to avoid
I’m more than slightly annoyed, you are so paranoid.

You compulsively dig your own grave
You justify it when you no longer need a friend
You say you’re talked about and hated by your peers
You always cause your own end.

You are self-fulfilling prophecy
And yet you cannot see, where lies the irony
You build your life up high on crumbling blocks
You get yourself in hock, up to your pretty locks

You have this need to be hurt
I think you are your greatest foe
You take those who care and you send them far away
Believing that they chose to go.

It never occurred to me I’d be on the other side
I never thought we’d have to play those silly games
And now I guess I’ll have to take it all in stride
You are convinced I am to blame.

It serves no purpose to reiterate
All that you fabricate, you always seal your own fate.
I have grown tired of contesting lies
That stand as alibis, I cannot sympathize.

You’ve got me fed up you know
You keep reminding me of what you say I feel
Sometimes I’d love to see you thrown out in the snow and freezing,
Tell me how much of you is real.

(c) Scott Calamar

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