Don't Grow Away

Would, could you believe it, if I were to tell you how I feel,
Would it be any different if I could assure you this love’s real,
I should know better than to get involved with you,
You are so young I never thought it’d happen like this,
Please don’t think the worst of me.

As you lie there sleeping,
There is so much I feel I should say,
As our involvement was deepening,
The little excuses, they got in our way,
I should evaluate my intentions toward you,
You are so young I guess I figured I was safe from you.
Please don’t let us grow away.

Can you look me in the eye and say that you don’t care?
Can I make up for lost time?
I’m prepared to stop and say that there is something there,
Unless of course our love’s a crime.

Girl, you are a lady and despite your age you made me a man
Though complications have plagued us
I wanna stay close to you know as long as I can.
I can’t be casual in a circumstance like this.
In the meantime I will find the words to say
God don’t ever grow away.

(c) Scott Calamar

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