The oblivious euphoria of living in denial
And the consequences that you have to pay.
The past remains locked in your bones
Those ancient trials by fire they may smolder
They’ll never burn away.
Old friends on the phone, leave this boy alone
Of course this boy’s no boy no more, The past’s not what it used to be!

There’s hardly time to change the clocks, I listen as they talk and talk
Don’t ask me to repeat a word they say.
Intentions reign like waterfalls, Wash down the drains of shower stalls
So grip a drip before it slips away.
Little bit of this, little taste of that
Little pieces don’t add up and here I am no better...

Slow it down, turn it back,
Won’t you be my friend tonight?
Untie me from the tracks.

I watch it quickly flying by, I don’t know why I even try
Quite clearly this is something can’t be done.
The little things appeal to me, Don’t like the way this feels to me
Another blink and I think it’s all gone.
Listen to your heart, have faith in your god
Whatever you are—make it be your forté.

Turn it back, Set me free
You don’t know how this feels to me.
Slow it down, Let me be
You don’t know what this means to me.

(c) Scott Calamar

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