Walking With The Goddess

Saw the coming of the goddess in the dreams of the night
As her essence pierced the darkness and her beauty shown like light.
As she drifted from the heavens, deigned me with her presence there,
So I pulled her close and kissed her just succombing to the dare.
If she told you she loved you, what on earth would you do?

I was walking through a garden of celestial delights,
Just engaged in speculation as to why this feels so right.
I was holding on to dogma wondered how I could be wrong
Watching wisps of conversation winding like the siren's song.

So you told her you loved her
Didn't promise your soul
Never said you could wait forever
That's beyond your control.

I was talking with the goddess as the night began to dawn
Close and laughing in the twilight, hand in hand we walked along
I was looking at the karma, I was looking in her eyes
Wondering how I could hold on to such a daughter of the skies.

If you knew that you loved her (baby)
And she said she loved you
Witness her slip right through your fingers
What's the right thing to do?

I was walking with the goddess and I didn't realize
As we sang each other's praises, we were chanting our goodbyes.
I will surely miss the goddess though she visits me in dreams,
In the realm where there is safety, in a world where love's supreme.

If you knew she was out there (somewhere)
No one like her that's true
Still you find yourself only ready
For the next rendezvous.

(c) Scott Calamar

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