Innate Elusiveness

Trail of the comet, wake of the dolphin,
Move too fast, too slow, keep me at a distance,
Offer all that resistance to me.
Man of reason, man of the flesh
Enjoy what you can while you can still your spell stays with me
Seemed some sort of a fit to me. Unh huh.

Thwack went the arrow straight through my heart
It's sure not the first time won't be the start of the last time. (I hope not)
If you can hear me let's both be real
Why does wanting you near me make us both feel uncomfortable?
I'm sorry.

Can't tame the innate elusiveness...
Can't blame you for any of this!
Can't claim that a kiss is
Much more than a kiss.

Tail of the hurricane eye of the storm
Chill of the cold front keeping me warm
Riffing my way into raising a smile
If only to stay here and gaze in your beautiful eyes for a while
(Eyes for a while, eyes for a while)

I'll blame the innate elusiveness...
Can't claim to get any of this!
A shame that a kiss can't transverse the abyss.

Tale of the traveler lost and forgotten
Looking for anchor and hoping for healing.
River keeps flowing and there'll be no stopping
Not even to thank her tor coping with stealing my heart for a while
Heart for a while heart for a while
Heart for a while Heart for a while Heart for a while...

(c) Scott Calamar

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