Laddie Boy

Everything ends and the seasons change,
This empty patch of grass is jarringly strange
I knew from the start, I think you did, too,
A doggie so smart to admire the view
But when everything’s done, I wish us more time in the sun.

The birds will fly, the wind will blow, The sun shines where you used to go
There’s a void by my side and buddy I miss you so.

Laddie boy, the joy of one more treat,
Once again, you will sleep at my feet.

To stroke your fur and comb your hair,
There’s no home home when you’re not there
The deer will graze, the cats will play,
Without you around to chase them away
Wish you could make them run for a few more days in the sun

Laddie boy, the wind is in the trees,
Way out there, I hope you can bask in the breeze.

I know in my heart that you live on
That you’re waiting for me in the great beyond
That our time’s just begun and we’ll have plenty more days in the sun.

(c) Scott Calamar

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