Look, Don't Touch

I like to look behind the curtain; I never start till I've begun
I'm never sure until I'm certain, I'm never finished till I'm done
I find my luau shirts in BiMart, I buy my Blues hats at Goodwill
Can't wear my bowling shoes through alleys, I think it's time to take my pills.

Cause she said Look, don't touch, I've seen your paycheck and it isn't much
I'm a girl who likes to twirl and I hope to see the world
So forget your little crush, Just look, don’t touch.

She spends her leisure time in Macy’s, she has a credit line at Zales
Victoria’s Secret isn’t racy enough, she won’t buy clothes if they’re on sale
She has a preference for fine dining, she looks away I pay the bill
She’s waiting for the silver lining. I think it’s time to take my pill

And she says: Look, don’t touch, I like you very much
But I’ve done this all before and I want a little more
And I just don't feel the rush. So look don’t touch.
Doing Tai-Chi, sipping chai tea, all night,
In a dojo till my mojo’s working just right
She said I’d like you so much better if we just remain unfettered
I guess I’ll just forget her for a while.
Look, don’t touch, just smile.

She seems to savor her au gratin, creamy potatoes with appeal
She says the dandelion’s rotten, maybe it’s just the way I feel
I try to focus on my roast beef, she wonders if it’s GMO
I tell her that I think it roamed free, She tells me that it’s time to go.

Look don’t touch, doesn’t anyone believe in going Dutch
So get down from your high shoes, maybe show me some tattoos
I know this won’t amount to much.
I may look but I won’t touch. 

(c) Scott Calamar

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