Losing The Gypsy

I thought you might be the one, I watched this go on and on
I wish this would all be done, so be gone, c’mon...

Done this dance for as long as I care, took the chance we would always be there.
Now I’m changing the stance and advancing the dare
Cause this damn romance has got to go somewhere    

Such a charmer trauma mama, mired in confusion
Melodrama instant calmer, if it is your choosing.
Ask a mystic, be realistic, don’t mean to be flip, see—
Could it be we’re all afraid of losing the old gypsy?

I feel the heat a’risin’ there’s no goodbyes that’ll do.
I gotta break the habit, I just can’t have it with you.
Just gotta push the question, give me indigestion, can’t sleep
The promise we had dangled got oh so tangled so deep.
We’re all afraid of losing the gypsy.

Lovely lady kept me waiting, feel my patience sated.
This has been illuminating, are we really fated?
Now’s the time to make the choice, decide what you think of me,
Listen to your inner voice and tell me if you love me.

 Never known a love like this, singularly circuitous
Right out on the precipice, time to kiss off—now piss off.

I feel the heat a’risin’,there’s no disguising what’s true,
Just gonna push our  buttons, I’m such a glutton for you.
This love is so damn viral, it tends to spiral away.
Our cards are on the table, and we’re still able to say
Can’t bear to think of  losing the gypsy.

Sometime lover undercover, hide the seething passion,
As we hover I discover, can’t sustain this fashion.
Time to think—this time no drink of love to make us tipsy.
Could it be we’re all afraid of losing the old gypsy?
We’re all afraid of losing the gypsy.

(c) Scott Calamar

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