Love Finds A Way

I love to look at you, wonder what it would be like
If we could be together, to spend some time with you, We’ll find a way.

I come to visit you, people go and we’re alone
But can I take you home tonight, strip away the pretenses
Lie in bed and laugh ‘till dawn.

We both deserve the chance, time moves so fast
My life’s been a waiting game until you came, I feel that this could last.

I put my trust in god, though I’m not a man who believes
But will we be together, I feel it in my heart, love finds a way.

I want you in my world, Your gentle ways and glowing smile
Believe in the magic that brought me in to where you’ve been
I’ve watched you for a while.

I like to think of you, I pass the time and count the days
Until I see your face, Light my heart with tender fire
Love finds a  way, love finds a way.
But can I live without you? I contemplate the consequence, love finds a way.

(c) Scott Calamar

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