Not Growing Old

Look through your crystals baby, what do you see,
A lot of cosmic maybes, and then there’s me.
I won’t say I told you, I told you, I told you
I won’t say I knew
I’d never grow old, growing old with you.

Through all these changes, baby, we know the score
We’ve got this karma baby, been here before,
Could say that I love, I love you, I loved you
I certainly care
There’s something borne of you that makes me so aware

I’ve seen our contracts baby; they number three
Two ancient lifetimes faded, one yet to be
And yet we’ve created the perfect chance now
The world all around us is ours alone
In déjà vu costumes, we had our dance, now home.

You make me happy baby, make my heart sing
Like no one come before you, such a rare thing
You make me feel vibrant, a pleasant surprise dear
You fill me with gold
One look in your eyes and I’m not growing old
Not growing old. Not growing old.

(c) Scott Calamar

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