Obligations of Flesh

The hunter's moon is here again,
And the passage of time, like a watch there's no need to wind.
Crazy year for us my friends, and what do I find,
But the thought comes to mind,
Of the power we have to command our own destinies,
And the games that we play, all the stuff in the way,
And our heroes now gods and the mortals be sinners,
And we talk and we pray and have nothing to say.

They say you get what you resist,
So resist all you want, it still slips through your ether veil,
I hear your voice it makes me hot,
But like Duchess you dance through your circular circumstance.
And the lessons of love tell me pull out my energy,
And the cycles of nature and the nature of life,
And the power we have to command our own destinies,
And the gravity that makes our bodies collide.

Can't seem to stay together, can't seem to stay apart,
We push and pull each other to dodge the lethal dart,
And then you tell me that you love me
Do you think it's crazy?
Just living for the moment, just looking for the way,
Sometimes I see an omen,
Sometimes I like to stray,
But something tells me that it's better on the straight and narrow.

Your need for distance makes you run,
Melt your gossamer wings if you fly too close to the sun,
Don't need to be no seer to see,
What this karma's about, we try shutting it out,
And the feeling we have to assert our identities,
Falls in line with the expectations we hold,
The centripetal force that is guiding our destinies,
As we all settle back and watch the drama unfold

Somehow the way things happen, often mysterious,
It seems it's half the lesson, don't be so serious,
Coming together when it's all disintegrating.

Half-written letter never mailed,
Thought we had much time, took for granted this friend of mine...
Sympathetic spirit sails, to the great cosmic sea,
Hope you knew what you meant to me.
And the power we have to extend our mortality,
Obligations of flesh and the struggle of soul,
And the yearning for freedom and the pull of eternity,
And the power we waste when we vie for control.

(c) Scott Calamar

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