Roxane Marie

Nobody loves you
The way that I love you,
I miss you my Roxane Marie
The way that you smile
Won’t you settle here for a little while
And listen my Roxane Marie...

If we had wings
To transform our imaginings,
I wonder just how it would be
But sever the lifeline
From heartbeat to heartbeat
And tell me how much you miss me
Can we lose this closeness? We’ll see...

Time rushes by like a train
Yet these feelings remain
Like a flame in the deep of the night
Try as I might to explain
How our love can sustain
Through the rain like some eternal light

Nobody’d treat ya the way that I treat ya,
I need ya my Roxane Marie
One look in your eyes
Fills my stomach with butterflies
You’re the creature of my fantasies.

I’m talking about all them goodbyes
But yet we keep hanging on
I try to be such a good guy
You know what I really want
We seem to go on forever
Dream together but remain apart
Is there any doubt to whether
You still have your claim on my heart?

Nobody’d miss you
The way that I miss you
I’m with you when you’re not with me–
Spurning your calls
Turns my eyes into waterfalls
I’m yearning for your company
I burn for you Roxane Marie.

(c) Scott Calamar

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