Working Through The Rust

When you make time to settle back what do you think of in the night?
Is it your work or is it your fun, or is it the one that you love to hold tight?
What is there to life but the company of friends
Let us share a smile before this ragged journey ends
Take your time to make it right, the universe is only dust
Working through the rust

If you could do anything you want without pause for the money or cause for the toll
Where would you settle, what would you be to follow your heart and nourish your soul
What is there to life ‘cept the difference that we make
All the things we love it’s a world of give and take
The hardest task of all is to find the ones your trust
Working through the rust

Don’t have the time to give you reasons; Don’t have the energy to plan
I see no purpose to extrapolate the deeper truth; We just do the best we can

Don’t see no cause for recitations, don’t need to give everything a name,
Don’t load it up with expectations; we just go out the way we came

I’ve seen lots of people come and go; What they remember what they forget
Peel your life back and look at yourself: What do you cherish; what you regret
What is there to life, ‘cept the bonds that we create
Spirits we have moved and the friends we cultivate
Those who we have loved, all the hearts that we have touched
Working through the rust.

(c) Scott Calamar

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