Ship Come In

Almost like Noah’s ark, the winter’s cold and it’s dark
When is it gonna stop raining and when will my ship come in?

Been dripping for so long, must be doing something wrong
Looking a lot like it’s Venus, my god you can’t mean this.

The mail don’t come the phone don’t ring
It’s spring but nothing much is happening
I’ve plowed the ground, I’ve planted seeds,
I’ve prayed the sun will break through
Somewhere an evil finger
Makes the winter linger
Don’t know what more I can do

Wait out the long lonely night, no news is good news, right?
You can call it paranoia, it’s apt to destroy you.

 I pace the floor, I climb the walls
I race the maze, been down so many halls
To reach the end and find just another empty room
This cosmic consternation, it gives me such frustration
When’s the promise gonna bloom

Been waiting here on the shore. As if some miracle cure
Just gotta keep myself pure until my ship comes in.

(c) Scott Calamar

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