Somewhere Over Your Head

Looking for a way in, looking for a way out
I know you want to stay in, I’d like for us to stay out
You can never know the score ‘till you’re somewhere over your head
It’s your nature to want more, I'd rather simplify instead
Keep it light and easy tonight; I’ll take you home.

Looking for an answer, looking for a question
You’re looking for a dancer who moves to your direction
You can never call the winner while the lever's being pressed
We can have a lovely dinner and I’m glad that you’re undressed
But tonight let’s keep it light, we’ll sleep alone

I know it’s the proper thing to do
I tell you it’s me it isn’t you
I tell you I’m sorry, I tell you don’t worry
I told you I don’t want to be in such a big hurry.

Love is an enigma, love is an illusion
Love can be a process, never an intrusion
If you look too hard for meaning you’ll forget just what it takes
If you feel this car’s careening well then just apply the brakes
Keep it light and easy tonight, let’s just have fun.

(c) Scott Calamar

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