Temporal Tantrums

Walking like a mockingbird come straight down the lane
A taste of your own medicine, you wouldn’t complain
You’d be right there when I called
You’d be right there, doesn’t mean a thing at all
Now I don’t care, the world’s not that small
Any more no it’s not, no it’s not.

Nature’s little flowers have a habit of breathing life into you
When you need it the most
While away the hours if you let go this can’t be a sin to you
Not intending to boast
When you start things, you must follow through
You be careful, they could come right back on you
You’d be sorry, I’m not sure that that’s true
Any more no I’m not no I’m not

And in your face I see a look of apathy, what I had hoped to see is gone          
Could be a different space, someone to take your place
There comes a time we must move on.

Got this feeling in my pocket that we’re not gonna make it
You play your little games with me I’m not gonna take it
Gonna walk out, you made it no sin
Ten o’clock now, baby, where have you been
No more talk now, I won’t go through this again
Any more no I won’t no I won’t

Out on the balcony devoid of energy,
It shouldn’t have to be so tough
You try to shut me out, leave me no choice but shout
I have no doubt I’ve had enough

Love to entertain but I must take my fee
No one to complain to, you get nothing for free
But your own self, equipped with what you supply
In the long-run, it’s enough to get by
I’d have helped you, but I’m not that kind of guy
Any more no I’m not no I’m not.

(c) Scott Calamar

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