Too Many Candles

There's so much life, there's so much death;  A miracle in every breath
Take a step and say a prayer; Such a jump from here to there—
Too many candles burning at both ends, Too many candles for too many friends
Too many candles in the cake;  Glows like a cathedral but feels like a wake.

There's so much joy there's so much pain; Do it once and maybe over again
Never sure what this life's about; Just begins when they count you out
So many candles to light your way; From conception to birth to the tributes they pay
Votives and motives from beginning to end , Benedictions and the fictions on which they depend.

Let there be light, steady and bright, heaven and hell, how can you tell
Looking for peace, noble release, your journey's not done, it's hardly begun…

Bodies at rest to free up your soul, Whether you're blessed is beyond your control
The forces of life that attract like a jewel, You'll get what you give when it's time for renewal.
Too many candles for too many folks, Blow them all out and you're left with the smoke
Too many handfuls of ashes and earth, Hand me some candles for birth and rebirth

Let them glow brightly, let them go lightly...

(c) Scott Calamar

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