Too Weak To Resist

Smatter—I find it harder to smile
Better than it has been in a while
Whether you choose love or fame
Be careful to handle one or both

Duchess—you make it hard to say no
Encore, turn on your radio
G.M., you made me more than a car
You make me too weak to resist

And I am falling once again for you, see
It happened the moment we kissed
That’s when your loving took possession of me
And I was too weak to resist.

It's funny—we found that feeling too late
That liner had better come I can’t wait ‘cause
Fever for California, keeps what remains safe at Bay

But when we found ourselves together alone
We realized how good it could be
Won’t say I told you but you’d be better off
If only you’d listen to me!

I love you, there’s little more I can do
To show you, that we can start things anew
I’m waiting, until you realize the truth
You make me to weak to resist,
You make me to weak to resist,
You make me to weak to resist

(c) Scott Calamar

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