Turn To Fall

Watching the leaves as the fall turns to winter
Watching the sky as the rain turns to snow
I’d rather walk on the beach, I 'd rather be out of reach
Maybe the time has come I feel like I need to go

Nothing to say so I’ll talk of the weather,
To tell you the truth, I can’t say what I mean
Please don’t go out of your way, as always you’re welcome to stay
For good times and bad times and all the times spent in between

And I like to take it lightly, raise a finger in the air
Then I’ll ask you to hold tightly, I’m not going anywhere

So I look for things in common, Trace the writing on the wall
And I take my rum with Ramen, And I try hard not to fall

What would I say if you tell me you need me
What will I say when I see you again
You’d rather dance in the moon, you’d rather sing out of tune
Walking so long and so far to be nowhere at all
Drinking and thinking that maybe it’s my turn to fall.

(c) Scott Calamar

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