Vermont Sun

There’s a mist about the mountains
I can see it hanging low
I can hear the river rushing
As if it’s got somewhere to go
I’d like to follow it away, being fed by mountain streams
I’d like to spend my final days here, being raised on country dreams.

As we follow an old railroad
Whose tracks like buried underground
Overgrown and long forgotten
Wondering what treasures can be found
Follow tracks down to the water
See how fast the river runs
Try to swim against the current
Your naked skin dries in the sun

Much too soon the summer’s over
I find it hard to say goodbye
I hope that you’ll think of me often
I’m gone miss your shining eyes
How I wish you could come with me
But I know it can’t be done
We’ve both got our own commitments
And yours includes the Vermont sun

I left you on a stormy Monday
The mountain clouds were filled with rain
And I blew into New York City
Riding on a hurricane
But still I wish I had you with me
Perhaps you feel the way I do
Please let me know if you should miss me
There may be more than we both knew.

(c) Scott Calamar

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