A Year of Seasons

It doesn't count if you count when you dance
Don't count me out when you're taking a chance
I read the warning on the bottle
I touched the label, I drank the wine
We took the plunge, hoping for good things
We live and learn and everything's fine.

It can't be real if what it's based on's not true
I wonder what the world looks like to you
I missed the omens, ignored the obvious signs
Caught in the moment, over the line
If something's missing I'm not to blame
I'm only listening and trying to remember your name.

It doesn't work if it doesn't compute
Square pegs and round holes no matter how cute
Might be a reason we all do what we do
A year of seasons, the colorful views
We count our blessings and watch the clock
It's all a lesson, a drive round the block.

(c) Scott Calamar

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